Top 3 Reasons to Buy Gift Cards Online

How to Buy Gift Cards Online?

Buying products online or offline by using gift cards has always been a smart choice, by an intelligent customer. You can avoid those overcrowded malls and make purchase from the comfort of your home from online stores any time you want if you use a gift card for your purchase.

1. Variety and Security

You can buy gift cards from grocery stores but you can only select among the cards available in the store. Unlike your credit card the gift cards comes in denominations of $10,$25,$50,$100,$500,$1000 so you can be rest assured that one cannot purchase anything above the value of the gift card, so you can sent the gift card to your friend or relative with confidence and peace of mind. Sometimes the gift card you purchased for a friend who resides in a different state becomes useless because the store is not available in his state. If you are buying a gift card online then you can always find the store locations and in which stores the card could be used.

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2. You can customize your card

You can type in the value of the gift card online unlike in the grocery store which may not have the denomination you want, for your gift card in their stock. You can personalize your gift card by uploading custom image or photo to make it even more special. You can even order a graduation card during winter and a Christmas card during july because these cards are always available online throughout the year. Some online retailers allow you to add creative feature to your gift card like blinking, talking gift cards and multifunctional gift cards

3. Convenience and Savings

Sometimes you can get a $100 card with 5 – 15% off their regular price. You can also win gift cards by completing surveys online. You can purchase a gift card any time day or night from the internet and can purchase the products from the online store instantly as some gift cards can be sent by the retailer to your email address for instant purchases. You can also check the balance of your gift cards online at any time

How to buy gift cards online?

You can head over to the online gift card store of American Express ( and select the gift cards of your choice and order them .They also allow you to upload your custom logo on the card and once you create an account with them you can check the balance of your gift card online and reload them online. The American Express gift cards funds do not expire they issue you a replacement Gift Card free of charge if your “valid-thru” date expires.

In the case of Amazon Gift Cards you don’t need credit card or bank account and you can purchase a MoneyPak with cash from more than 55,000 locations in the US alone and redeem your MoneyPak for an Amazon Gift Card claim code at

Cons of buying gift cards

Once you lose your gift card anyone can purchase from those gift cards and some retailers may go out of business even before a card is used.

What are the ways to get cheap gift cards online?

You can buy unwanted gift card from Plastic Jungle and sometime they sell them at a discount of 20-30%.You can also buy gift cards in bulk online to get more savings.